Bad Credit Doesn’t Mean You Canad-afford a Car

Is the only thing lower than the temperature outside your credit score? Don’t let bad credit keep you from purchasing that pickup perfect for parking at the pond while you play a game of hockey. Bad credit car loans can be easily financed by a friendly Canadian car dealership. Creative methods of financing are available to work around the worst of credit scores. Deals can be had that will have you worried the Mounties will come and trot you off to the lock up, but fear not. A good dealership will have you traversing the provinces like a maple leaf caught in the jet stream, fluttering from coast to coast and taking in everything the Great White North has to offer.


Don’t be a Goof, Talk to your Dealership


A local dealership is there to service the community with friendly Canadian car accommodations. Many dealerships have dedicated staff with the sole purpose of finding creative ways to finance vehicle purchases. Loans can be crafted that benefit the lender and the borrower no matter the purchasing party’s credit, good, bad, or non-existent. Don’t let bad credit be a deterrent from exploring financing options you may not even have known were possible.


Some things that can facilitate an even easier loan process, in the light of poor credit, are having a vehicle to trade in or having a cosigner on the loan. Long dark winters make folks want to cozy by the fire with a special someone. Why not have that cuddle-buddy cosign a car loan with you? Bad credit can be mitigated by having a second party take responsibility for the loan in the event of the primary signer’s default. Alternatively, provide a large down payment or a vehicle to trade in towards the cost of the new car. Lenders love mitigated risk, and these are some dealership-accepted ways of doing just that.

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